PATH Program

Partnership. Accountability. Training. Hope.

Families working together to achieve self-sufficiency!

The Resource Network offers a complete package of information to ease the transition of program participants from public assistance to independence and self-sufficiency. Parts of this package contain the following employ-ability skills:




What is the correct way to complete an application? What information is most important? What impression will you make on the employer? What is the employer looking for?

Transferable Skills

Learn what skills you have and how to take those skills and apply them to new experiences and job opportunities.


What are the different types of resumes used today? Find out the differences so you can present yourself positively to an employer. Tell the employer what you want them to know about you. What are your attributes?

Interviewing Techniques

Making a good first impression! How you present yourself will determine whether or not you get hired.



Skills Assessments

Determine your interests, skills, and abilities to help you find employment in an area that is right for you.

Occupational Classroom Training

If a participant is eligible, this training is offered to program participants seeking to improve their skills or to obtain a new skill in order to become employed.

Job Club Activities

Learn job search techniques through role playing, participating in mock interviews, making cold calls to employers, going on informational interviews, applying for a job in person or on the Internet. Learn about labor market trends, how to network, how to ace an interview, make cold calls to employers, and how to dress for success.

Group Discussions

Topics include teamwork, communication skills, being assertive, conflict resolution, stress management, wellness, goal setting, budgeting and finance, time management, and more.

Removing Obstacles

Your basic needs are important to your success in obtaining gainful employment. The Resource Network’s Case Managers will work with you in identifying resources and alternative ways to help you overcome these obstacles so that you may meet your needs and your goals.

Job Placement Assistance

The Resource Network has professional employment experts who will assist you in establishing and obtaining your employment goals. Our job developers are skilled at matching your skills, abilities, and interests to job opportunities available with area employers.

Follow-up and Support Services

The Resource Network staff will follow-up with program participants once employed to find out how things are going and to see if any support services are needed until the participants case is closed.

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