Special Population Services

A New Beginning For a Brighter Future

TRN is equipped and prepared to address the educational and training needs of many Special interest groups, such as older workers, individuals with disabilities, individual with language barriers, and other special populations, who are unemployed or under employed. It is important that we understand the barriers these groups face and help them address their individual needs. Through diverse educational training we become better equipped to serving and understanding the needs of all members of society.

TRN has tutoring assistance available for participants who are having difficulty in math and reading or generally just keeping up with work assignments. Mentors are available for guidance, counseling and to make referrals for additional support. Qualified teachers will be utilizing computerized learning systems, classroom lecture, and one-on-one instruction to conduct classes.


Older Workers

Every day older workers are either being laid-off or let go from companies for a variety of reasons. This group is finding it hard to obtain or return to work because their skills and abilities may be outdated. TRN is prepared to provide them an opportunity for re-employment through education and training. Training would provide job search, job readiness, job club, and job placement services. Other training opportunities that may be available include: customer service training, computer business training, certified nurse aid training, and others. TRN works jointly with other organizations, such as Operation Able, Goodwill Industries, Triple A for Area on Aging and the Area Agency on Aging to maximize services and activities.


Individuals with Disabilities

TRN has and is ready to service the needs of individuals with disabilities. TRN works with several employers that hire persons with disabilities. TRN has had great success in providing opportunities for this population in the areas of customer service training and computer business training. Job Search, Job Readiness training and Job Club are also available assets to assist these individuals with their job search. In addition, TRN has experienced Job Developers and placement staff who will work one-on-one with these individuals to get them employed. TRN works jointly Michigan Rehabilitation Services to coordinate activities and services.


Individuals with Cultural or Language Barriers

TRN works with many diverse populations, helping them make the transition to the customs and ways of the United States. We help them with language issues, customs, citizenship, training, and employment opportunities. TRN has an unparalleled reputation for partnering and consulting with a wide variety of community and cultural based organizations.

Language Translation

TRN has served over 4,800 individuals from diverse populations with language and cultural barriers for over 16 years. With a growing number of non-English speaking people in the United States today, there is a great need to have translators for Arabic, Spanish, and Asian populations. TRN will provide training in the English, Arabic, and Spanish languages. Once an individual has completed these courses they will have the ability to work in fields that require translation services.


ESL – English as a Second Language

The focus for the ESL student will be on reading, comprehension, communication, and vocabulary skills. The program has three components: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. In the first component the course is focused on the alphabet, phonetics, structure of the English Language, basic reading and writing skills. In the second component the focus is on intermediate reading and writing skills along with conversational skills. Component three will focus on the more advanced reading and writing skills and preparing the student to take the GED exam, and helping students with societal skills.

Job Readiness Training

TRN provides training in job readiness that encompasses the following areas: resume development, interviewing skills, labor market information, career exploration, work ethics, job search strategies, planning, removing barriers that hinder employment opportunities, motivational sessions, understanding what diversity means and cultural awareness.

Job Club

During job club the participant will continue with their job search strategies. Job club will focus on role playing, mock interviews, cold calling, acing the interview, finding job opportunities in the hidden job market and through networking, going on informational interviews, job fairs, and applying for jobs over the Internet.

Occupational Training

Occupational training is available through our school, Career Essentials Learning Center, and other colleges and universities. If you are looking for training we have the resources necessary to refer you to agencies that can assist you with student loans and/or financial aid funds


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