Food Assistance Program (FAE&T)

A New Beginning for a Better Future

The FAE&T program serves 18–49 year old Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependents through employment and training services and a limited amount of Supportive Services.

The Resource Network provides training in the areas of Life Skills Management, Finance Management, Work Ethics, Motivational and Inspirational Workshops, support service information and referrals for items such as housing, utilities, clothing and food assistance. This program includes preparing the participant to move into unsubsidized employment and to become self-reliant.

TRN understands that all people learn at very different paces, therefore, all training sessions are open entry/open exit. TRN will continue to work with individuals until they become gainfully employed.

TRN will provide Assessment testing to measure and determine what areas the participant may need to improve upon, what barriers to employment they may have and to see if occupational training may be of benefit to them in their quest to become employed. Participants will participate in Job Search/Job Readiness workshops and Job Club where they will learn about the World of Work, Employment Expectations, Skills

Identification, Applications, References and Letters of Recommendation, the Labor Market, Cold Calling/Telephone Techniques and Etiquette, Resumes, Cover and Thank you Letters, Interviewing, and how to plan and organize their job search.

TRN also offers support service counseling and case management. Case managers will work with the participant to determine their goals and objectives, to find out if they need referrals for housing, food assistance, medical needs and others.

The objective of the program is to help the participant better manage their life by obtaining the following skills:

    • the ability to have a positive outlook
    • the ability to manage finances
    • the ability to dress for interviews
    • the ability to find suitable housing
    • the ability to find resources for support
    • the ability to address health related issues
    • the ability to address life’s complications and not fall apart
    • the ability to understand their responsibilities in life and to an employer



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