Returning Citizens Program

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TRN is providing job readiness training with adult education, life skills counseling, and job placement and retention services to poeple being released daily who are finding no real alternatives for employment. TRN works with each parolee individually for the best opportunity for success.

TRN utilizes the JIST model of evidence-based practices as part of its overall approach to assisting parolees in making the transition back to their respective communities which enables them to sustain life on the outside.

TRN will provide literacy training, life skills coaching, job search/job readiness training, job placement assistance and follow-up and retention.


TRN’s Case Managers will work with each individual to develop an Individual Employment Plan, provide assessment testing to determine if adult education is necessary, barrier removal, referrals, and follow-up.


Parolees will learn about the world of work, employer expectations, resume development, skills identification, applications, interviewing, dressing for success, work ethics, and how to organize a job search.

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